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Game Support

Tools for enhancing gaming experience.

Binsloc Tool

A localization tool for Techland's Dying Light 2 game that transforms binsloc files to human-readable text files and back.

Dead Island Save Editor

A save editor for Techland's Dead Island games.

DOA5LR Game-save Tools

Use other people's saves or share your saves with others using a game-save resigner.

DOA5LR Resolution Mod

Enhances DOA5LR to allow using custom screen resolutions.

DOA6 Resolution Mod

Enhances DOA6 to allow using custom screen resolutions.


Replaces the Epic Online Services SDK DLL with a dummy for games that integrate with the EOS SDK but do not strictly require the services.

EDI Tools

A collection of tools for the game Escape Dead Island by Fatshark, to aid with data research and data manipulation.

Van Helsing Tools

Storage editor and N2PK unpacker.


If you're interested in self-centered things then it's here.

Steffen's Personal Website

The website you are on right now.